My life-long best friend Kyle claimed the little Blenheim girl right away. Her name is Penelope and will be called “Penne” (pronounced Penny) for short. I’ll be creating a page for each puppy to share and document their progress.

This is Penne at 6 days old.

Her little pink nose will eventually be black

And this is Penne on Nov 22, 2020 – 13 days old

Video taken 11-22-2020 of Penne nursing:

Taken Tuesday, November 24, 2020:

Penne pics from the day before Thanksgiving – November 25, 2020:

Penne’s little pink nose if filling in nicely. Pics from Tuesday, 12/1/2020 (it’s hard to capture good pics of them all but Penne seems to pose for me!):

And here’s a video I took today (12/1/2020):

People have asked how Ava – who is a Tricolor Cavalier and Mickey, also a Tricolor could have a little Blenheim puppy. Well, it’s in their genes. This chart explains the four colors of the Cavalier breed and shows how the genes determine potential puppy color.

Snuggling and sleeping puppies – 12/3/2020;

Pic from after our vet visit today – 12-5-2020:

Here’s a pic of Penne taken today, December 16, 2020:

Penne playing with Jack, December 20, 2020

January 16, 2021

It’s just Penne left now – here’s a video of her playing with Ava. I leave for Eureka, CA next Thursday to give Penne to Kyle:

Trip to California (Eureka, specifically) went without mishap. It was so good to see my BFF – Kyle again!

Here’s a pic from the parking lot of the hotel when I said goodbye to our little Penne! Geezus I look old.

The drive home for me went very well but Kyle ran into 3 accidents in Pasadena so didn’t get home until almost 8 PM. Penne was a good girl driving home and was so excited after meeting her new family! Here’s the video Kyle sent (ignore her referring to Penne as “him” – Kyle was tired and her last pup (“Chip”) was a boy!

Saturday morning – January 23, 2021 update.

Penne is adapting well and pulled Kyle’s shoes into her safe space (her kennel). My heart is filled with so much joy that Penne is in the BEST home ever!

Penne and Ava playing at Kyle’s – February 2, 2021: